Monday, 19 October 2009

The best thing I ever made?

As a disgruntled employee this summer at an Arts and Crafts chain I somehow found the strength to make the best of my situation and become crafty. Lo and Behold, the best thing I ever made, which is now in the property of my lovely friend Sara: The Lapo Bag.

Reason I am Single #5: Try as I might, I can't help but bring up Syfy's Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International in conversations. BEST SHOW EVER

Things I learned today

Another busy Monday has passed. I went to Barclay's four times before I could successfully transfer my rent payment to UCL, so glad that's over. At one I had my IO lecture, followed by two hours in The Print Room Cafe (a great low cost cafe on campus) with my friends, where they read course readings and I read the book about The Black Death that my fav Oxford medic lent me. Then, I suffered through a two hour economic lecture. I may or not have read some of the plague book during the really dull parts... It's such an interesting book!

Anyways, two interesting things I learned today:
-30% of the worlds health care providers (doctors, nurses, etc.) are in the US and Canada.
-Rabies exists on Continental Europe, but hasn't yet to enter the UK.

Also, I think it's about time for me to bring out my winter jacket.
Things I am loving at the moment: Life, the Planet Earth sequel of sorts currently airing on BBC One. I presume it's going to be aired in America as well. There's nothing like a gorgeously filmed nature series!