Sunday, 24 October 2010


Except replace she with he:

Knitting on the Tube= improving my life

I've picked up knitting again. I dropped it after Grad School picked up and I didn't have long legs of time to spare. Well, for the past three weeks I've been crafting scarves again because I've found it's a perfect way to absorb the travel time on buses or the tube back to GG. And I've also found it makes me a maaannnn magnet. Well... sortof.

The first guy was on his way to class at Middlesex uni and started asking me what I was doing, then moved next to me and we chatted. He was fine, not my type and ultimately I think we'd have exactly nothing in common. Apparently he was in med school, or wanted to go to medical school, I don't know. All I know is that Middlesex is nooottt a great uni (ie it's ranked in the bottom 10) and does not have a med school. I told him my name because he wanted to find me on facebook (ha!). Probably stupid, but eh. I later realized that you can't search for me on facebook unless you're a friend of a friend. Problem solve.

Guy number two mayyy have been on cocaine. He was definitely on something. Fine, because it was 11pm and I was on my way back from a crazy night of watching the X Factor at a friends. He got on at Camden and immediately screamed at me: ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KNITTING ON THE TUBE?!!? We chatted briefly, he realized quickly I was American and was like, OF COURSE YOU'RE AMERICAN. YOU'RE SO EASY GOING. WE COULD NEVER KNIT ON THE TUBE BECAUSE WE HAVE LIFE TO WORRY ABOUT. Oh boy, if only he knew. He then get off at Belsize park. Oh and he asked me if I was from Baltimore, I assume this was because he's a wire fan.

But yea, I'm going to knit on the tube allll the timeee now.

x Factah

As per usual both Cher and Katie made me want to die on last night's X Factor. Katie wasn't teeerrrrriiibbbbllleeee, but her overall essence annoys me x 1000000.

I'm not alone though in this sentiment.

Here's the performance:

And here's what the Guardian's hilllarrriousss X Factor Blog said about it:

"There are no words for what I've just witnessed. At one point my eyeballs turned into black pebbles and fell out of my eyes. There's blood gushing uncontrollably out of my mouth. I've visibly aged since that song began. I can smell almonds. Someone help me.

Simon Cowell just called Katie a genius. Somewhere, far far away, a unicorn just died."

AHAHA amaazzzing.