Saturday, 19 December 2009

A Kindred Spirit

Mindy Kaling, who plays the super funny Kelly from the office wrote an article that made me relieved that I'm not the only one who does this. I really do create extensive scenes of my future life with whoever my future husband is at the moment. I also have back up families just in case I tire of the fake spouse in question, or when it's based on a real person, feel like they'll never actually love me or feel sick of them. Anyways, brill article!

A Visual Example of Why Oxford Made me Fat.

Because I'm leaving tomorrow (HOPEFULLY because the snow storm in America may ruin my long awaited plans. Ughhhhhh I pray not! I'm going to have to read extensive bible passages tonight to put God in my favor) I had a feast tonight of steak and cheddar pie, peas, and then stick toffee pudding. It was the last piece that set me over. Oh. My. God. I don't remember it being that sweet. In Oxford I essentially had a heavy pudding every night for dinner, on top of a heavy meal. I wonder why I gained weight! Anyways, here's a pic of the pudding:
I should probably start packing now... ughhhh. Pleaz Mother Nature, make the East Coast clear up by tomorrow!


I've realized in the last two weeks that "Gotten" isn't a word here. After my British-English spell check constantly told me that I was spelling a fake word I looked it up to make sure that I haven't been using a fake word my whole life. I'm fine. Apparently it's an American-English word, but isn't a word here. WEIRD. Apparently it's the most glaring difference in British-American grammar. Also, it's not proper to start a sentence with "And" here, while in America they teach you it's okay but by AP English, they say it's okay in some instances. I have, however, found that some people missed out on this lesson. So maybe my teacher was making it up... Nope, just looked it up, I'm right... YOU CAN START A SENTENCE WITH AND!

Wow, I think this blast of blog posts is a good sign for how much I'll be posting over Christmas. GET READY!

Copenhagen- Bad, Today- Pretty Good

So it looks like as I mentally predicted, nothing will come out of Copenhagen. CNN meanwhile has ignored the entire conference because there is nothing on their website about it. Oh wait, I just saw a tiny link. There is however a story about "Mysterious 'Pete' sneaks in to help!"

On a positive note, things I'm going to do today:

-Buy my mom a Christmas present, last one to get!
- Wear my new H&M dress and be hipsta (btw, I have no money so buying it was a very poor decision, but it was heavily reduced!)
- Go see Where the Wild Things Are by myself. First time I've ever done this!
- Pick up some snacks/a full meal prior to seeing the film.
- Go to Waitrose and buy some British treats for my family and an absurdly British dinner for myself because I have no good food left.
-Watch The Jersey Shore
-Go to bed excited that I get to go home for Christmas TOMORROW!

This made me laugh

Because I have the maturity of a 10 year old. And I guess given the state of Ireland's economy, Paul Gogarty has a right to be upset.