Thursday, 15 April 2010

I should also mention that the old women in question talks like she just left little house on the prairie and is really concerned about another woman's sweater.
The old ladies next to me are NOT happy. They can't see the accompanist and keep telling me to move the piano. No thanks. They also keep saying, "it's not right." GET OVA IT


I'm currently at my Grandpa's concert (Bernie on Broadway) at a retirement community. I'm the youngest person by 60 years. Well, that's not true, he has a woman playing the violin with him who's in her 30s, but besides her...
Apparently a giant ash cloud from Iceland has shut down airports across the UK. Wow. Really glad I flew out Monday and that I'm not flying back through Iceland again.

And here are some updates:

-morning walk
-two thrifts stores, first, eh, second AMAZING, I got some ridiculously cute clothes including a dress that will probably be my new fav.
-McDonald's for lunch
-Reading economics by the pool. FUN
-Barnes and Nobles
- Lots of Bill Bryson reading

-Morning walk
-Lunch at my great Aunts
-WORK (we'll see)
-One of my grandpa's concerts

My parents arrive with TAYLO tomorrow! WOO