Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Dinner tonight: Risotto with spinach, onions and goats cheese. My first attempt at making it. It's okay, the rice is a little too al dente and the vegetable stock I used wasn't diluted enough so it's too salty, but overall, a valiant first effort.

The Best Carrot Cake in the Entire World

THQ on Grays Inn Road is probably my favorite cafe in London. Not only does it have amazing food/coffee but it's so unpretentious and friendly. And they have the best carrot cake I've ever had in my entire life. Like. Unbelievable. The owner also knows me know from how much I love it. She apologised to me on Saturday because they didn't have any. Luckily they had some today. Also, if you go after 230 you can get any cake and any beverage for 2.75! A delicious steal! And they have free wireless. Best.Cafe.Ever.
Thanks to Gawker for introducing me to this amazing school chorus that I somehow have missed knowing about until now.

I want to send my future children to a school with such an edgy forward thinking choir.



Don't fuck with Mexicans. At least in Hollywood productions. Arizona take note.
Good speech GB

I don't really have an opinion in this election besides the fact that Cameron creeps me out a bit and I'm not sure if Labour's policies are working. But I, once again, don't know enough to really choose a candidate. I do however know that Obama does better speeches than any of the British leaders (cut to Conservatives screaming, it's all speeches he has no policies! Which I don't agree with, but too tired to argue).

omggg patriotic chills. Teeeeaarrsss of patriotism. And now for my sole passionate Republican friend, here's probably the greatest ever speech by an American politician. A republican! Read by Jeff Daniels, who I love, but I kind of was hoping for a Morgan Freeman version. Meh.

This post has been some fabulous procrastination. Sobs.