Thursday, 21 January 2010

Almond Croissant Review

Almond Croissant from Pret.

On Wednesday, starting to feel sick and definitely feeling depressed and starving I decided to indulge in my fav treat, an almond croissant. I've actually never had the Pret version so I decided to have that, with a mixed berry brunch pot for lunch. MMMM. The problem is, as my taste buds were starting to be dulled from sickness, I couldn't savour this croissant as much as I usually do. Nevertheless, it was pretty delicious. The pastry's outer wrapping was crisp in a good way and the center, the gooey consistency I love. So I definitely think the croissant was better than EATS, but as far as chains go, I still think Cafe Nero wins. However, since my tastebuds were dulled by my developing cold (which has since exploded into awfulness), I'll probably have to force myself to give the Pret one another try. Also, EEE I haven't written my Cafe Nero review yet, which gives me an excuse to consume one soon. WIN.

In related foody news, I have to weigh myself tomorrow. UGh. I hope I didn't gain and I hope I lost at least a pound. I've been so bad with this diet. So typical of myself!

Things to Look Forward to

1- Getting over this awful cold
4- This weekend
5- Jenny starting med school so she can answer all my medical inquiries
7- Summertime in England
8- The new Iron Man Film
9- A new Frightened Rabbit Album
10- I can't think of a 10th thing SAD
I FINALLY watched ep 1 of Glee. I watched the preview ep last summer, but it hasn't come out in the UK until now. The first episode was pretty good. Rachel kind of annoys me. But there was one moment that really spoke to me:


My Favorite Foods in England at the Mo'

-Yogurt Pots that include fruit and granola
-Shortbread Biscuits
- Jacket Potatoes with Beans and Cheese OR Tuna and Cheese
- Crackers and Laughing Cow Cheese
- Gourmet Burger Kitchen's Camembert & Cranberry Chicken burger
- Pain Au Raisen
- Tesco's cinnamon rolls


Positive Thoughts!

Sorry this blog has been a debbie downer lately. I guess my life has kind of been a debbie downer lately of stress, grey skies, poverty and academic self esteem issues. Meh! But there are positives in my life! Like today my check finally went through so not only could I pay the rent for the term but I was able to book my vacation North. I'm going to Glasgow to visit my friend Patrick in March yeyyyyyyyyyyy! I find this kind of funny because I keep complaining about the horrendous lack of sunshine here, but it's surely 100% worse way up north. However, I think this is okay because Patrick is like a giant ray of sunshine, so this should make up for any adverse weather conditions. Last time I saw Patrick (in like October or November) he told me that I have really skinny arms, which honestly gave me a self esteem boost for months. Like I haven't thought my arms were chubby since. Also, when Patrick visited over the summer and I wasn't sure if I should wear my 3 Wolf Moon T-Shirt (best shirt eva!), he told me something along the lines to just be myself and not worry about other people. So right! Basically, Patrick is wonderful and a trip North to visit him will probably do as much good as a week in the sun, replenishing vitamin D, would do. So thank you Patrick, for making my life a little bit better!
Duhhhh but what a SCUMBAG! Seriously, I once liked John Edwards, thought of him as a pretty nice guy. Apparently he's just a sleazy old man who enjoys fathering children with other women while his wife suffers through cancer.