Friday, 25 June 2010

and here's a half-French, London hipsta covering Kate Bush:


-I'm going to fail my dissertation.
-I love my coworkers. Hopefully work keeps going well.
-I don't know if I can afford to live in London next year.
- I miss my books at home.
-I really need to reread Portrait.
-I'm getting THQ cake today. It's been far too long.
-I miss being an English major.
-I'm afraid I'll have no one to hang with next year. But this is probably a ridiculous fear.
-I just want to be 35 and settled with a husband and babies. I'm not sure if this is normal. But I know a lot of people who feel the same way so maybe it is.

I Have Read the Right Books to Interpret your Looks

You were knocking me down with the palm of your eye.

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Joanna Newsom. I want to hate her, so badly. When I think of her I think hate filled thoughts. But then, I LOVE a few of her songs to a level that puts them in my top songs category. So I think I need to have a serious assessment of my feelings for Joanna.

Anyways, here's the one speaking to me right now. You'll probably hate it. Or you'll want to hate it and love it like I do:

Annndd here's Owen Pallett covering it