Sunday, 4 April 2010


Pasta, sauteed red and yellow peppers, tomato and herb sauce, with a splash of red wine added. Then topped with goats cheese which turned into creamy goodness. YUM.

Easter Blue Skies

Bahahahahahaha this is the best one, if you only watch one, watch this one:

On a different note, I just went for a little walk around. Everything is closed and no one is out and if they are they're with their families. DEPRESSING. So I ate another hot cross bun. Last one :(

goodbye my day

Well, looks like multiple regression will not make an appearance in my day because Simon Pegg twetted a link to the NINE PART series on why Star Wars II Attack of the Clones is terrible. It's amazing and correct on all its points. There is some weird/disturbing parts where the video cuts to women being abducted and tortured (acted scenes, not real, but still) and I think this is to go along with the fact that the man narrated the video sounds like he's an morbidly obese, dirty, man wearing sweatpants. But anyways, it's entertaining.


-Cadbury, Cadbury, Cadbury
-Lots of Tea
-Sunday Times in bed
-Start the book on multiple regression- ugh. We'll see.
-Pack for Manchester!
-Bake cookies.

Lazzzzzyyyy Sunday