Wednesday, 10 February 2010

this takes me back to my "youth"

Amazing, amazing song.

But now I'm dry of thoughts, wait for the rain
Then it's replaced, sun setting

And suddenly you're in love with everything

Snickers is on a ROLL!

Wow. Amazing. Though, I do love anything that involves Liza.
I was excited about this and considered buying it until they listed the price.

$49.95?!?!?! Highway Robbery!

Yummy Yum

Breakfast for lunch today. Porridge cooked with 1/2 skim milk, half water in the microwave (gourmet!), topped with banana and raw sugar. Man oh man, while it may not look like much (at least the remnants of it) what a delicious combo.

Laugh of the Morning

Thank you India Knight for a posting a link to this blog on your blog. The Nether Regions covers local news stories around England and they are, not surprisingly, HILARIOUS. This post in particular, which is a letter an angry pensioner (ie retired person) wrote about his trip to Nottingham is soo effing funny.

And I quote:
"He told us that I could not take a souvenir picture of my partner in the bus station, as it was “private property”.

I told him that I had lost two uncles in the war, fighting Hitler. And now we were breeding little Hitlers like this idiot.

He managed to sour the taste of a great two days in Nottingham. We will not return to be insulted by such people.

We will spend our money in Cambridge instead."

Wow. It's definitely a must read, especially for the glimpse of English culture that hardly ever infiltrates across the proverbial pond.

Too Real.

Last night I had a dream explicitly (hard word to spell!) about the color gray. Something about me wearing only that color or something. Well, this morning on MSNBC (via Jezebel) I've learned that people with a lot of anxiety associate with the color gray. I definitely have a lot of anxiety. Apparently now it's infiltrating my dreams.

Then, I furthered my "scientific" research by looking at dream websites about colors in dreams. One told me:

1) I want to shield myself from those feelings. 2) I feel emotionally distant, only an observer. 3) It is as if I am standing aside, watching myself mechanically go through the motions. 4) I want to remain uncommitted, non-involved, shielded or separated from the situation. 5) I do not want to make a decision that will require my emotional involvement. 6) I have put up with too much and wish to avoid any further emotional stimulation. 7) I am trying to escape an anxious situation. 8) I am compensating for something.

Wowwww. Not all of those pertain to me but I would say 5-8 do on varying levels. Well, I hope gray isn't the color of the day. If only I could afford a baked good to comfort eat away my sorrows. I guess it's better for my bodily health that I can't.