Saturday, 10 April 2010


Today to take a break from procrastinating/ stressing about work/ more procrastinating, I walked to Soho and went to the fantastic Scoop, a gelato place. I got a cinnamon/ hazelnut combo. It was DELICIOUS. And it make me super excited because last night I booked my plane tickets for my ITALIAN ADVENTURE!!! From June 30th to July 5th, I will be visiting Italy with my fav twins, as well as seeing my sister who's studying in Florence. I'm getting really excited about it, though it's far away and I have super stressful paper/exams to get through. OH WELL. I also should mention that I shamelessly invited myself to join the first leg of the twinses trip. OH WELL again.

too nice outside to do work.

But it will be even nicer in Florida, so I have to chain myself to my desk and get a lot of work done arghhhh. Plus, I had two hours outside this morning in Regents Park. LOVELY