Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I love Pete Seeger. The most likely 90 year old ever! I'd also like to gloat and say that I was at the concert.

it's definitely time for me to return to America, for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I've spent my post Lost evening (AMAZING EP) listening to Americana terms on youtube.



They may not look pretty, but they're EFFING DELICIOUS.

Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.


Last night on her program, my future best friend, Sophie was talking about foods that make her happy. Well, here's a dish I just made that makes me very happy:

- Couscous
- Lentils
- Sauteed Spinach
- Roasted Sweet Potatoes
-Garnished with herbs

Now I'll read two articles and reward myself with trying out a new cookie recipe.
Wow. One of those days where I can count the people I like on one hand. Though, fear not American compatriots, I mean people I like in the British Isles. I feel deliriously stressed/ emotionally unstable. A really fun combo. I wandered Soho after class and surprisingly found myself at Yog, a frozen yogurt place. Bright spot, I ran into some people in my program I like so my numbers drastically increased.

Then I wandered back to my place and dark thoughts took over again. I miss my native land, a lot. Which I think is okay, since I'm American and that's where most of my good memories are. I've pretty much decided I'm going to return home in August and begin my working life in America. Maybe I'll come back here one day, I don't know.

I also stopped by Waitrose and am baking cookies tonight. I'm also baking an absurdly healthy dinner, so that makes cookies okay right? I hope it's not awkward when people walk into my kitchen and see me covered in food, baking while crying. AWKWARD.

I need a vacation. BADLY.

Song of the Day

I forgot how much I love this song. Also, I've never blogged about TV on the Radio and they're probs my fav band, so woo. I have oft imagined myself driving around in a convertible at night with a man listening to this song in late summer/early autumn (weird?).

Things I'm Into

Last night I watched the first episode of Sophie Dahl's cooking show, The Delicious Miss Dahl on BBC iplay.
1- I want to be her.
2- I want to be her friend.
3- Jamie Cullen in a luck man.
4- I also want to cook like her.

I think I'm going to try to expand my cooking repertoire to include meals, not just sweets. Shocking right?!?! Tonight I think I'm going to make couscous with sauteed spinach and broccoli with Sophie's sweet potato fries on the side. Let's see how that works out for me...

Link of the Mornin'

Thanks to my girl Mercedes over at mercedes is... for posting this amazing link that made my pre-work morning. I loollll'd.