Saturday, 6 February 2010

This is Why I'm Single

I watched Star Trek AGAIN tonight. Thankfully not by myself. I once again continually thought up ways Jean-Luc can show up at the end of the next film. Please let it happen! And I thought about this classic Next Generation moment:

I don't know why...

Song of the Day

Wow, I'm really into Jens Lekman.

I think you're beautiful
but it's impossible
to make you understand
that if you don't take my hand
I lose my mind completely
Madness will finally defeat m

Things to Look Forward to

One Week until Lianne's visit

One Month until I visit Patrick in Glasgow.
Two months till I visit Gemma in Manchester.

Almost two months till I journey to Florida with my family!

Let's see how long my money can last!

Jim needs to CTFD (calm the eff down). This is weather is what we call "March" in Rochester. No seriously, we've had worse weather than this in March. Behold, the Rochester Ice Storm of 1991. Also, it sucks for DC residents that this storm occurred on a Friday evening. No Snow Day!