Monday, 8 March 2010


Loch Lomond

Wowzers, I still LOVE Scotland. Since I'm too mehh to write in paragraphs, I will instead create a list about my weekend up North.

- Glasgow has so many great Cafes. Granted, I only went to three, but we passed so many cute ones. The first night Patrick took me to an AMAZING cafe that I definitely would go to all the time if I lived there.
-The Highlands are soo beautiful. I took an extensive drive through the Highlands two years ago with Ruth and her dad, but it was amazing driving through them with Patrick. We ended up getting lost, but then we got to have an impromptu photo shoot on a truck abandoned on the road. SO FUN.
- Glasgow both confirms my expectations and defies them. Most of the parts I saw were so nice and cool/hip, but I saw lots of yucky areas and people in track suits. I guess that's what most cities are like. But overall I really liked Glasgow. Wooo!
- Patrick's apartment is SO nice. His room looked like a hotel room. JEALOUS. One complaint, the living room where I slept was SO cold. So draughty arharhar inside joke.
- I went to the worst outlet mall I've ever been to by Loch Lomond (and incidentally next to a HUGE government housing complex). It was opened in 1998 by Princess Margaret, I hope it was better 12 years ago.
- I just had SO much fun with Patrick. It was good spending a weekend constantly laughing instead of stressing about my life. YEYYY.