Friday, 6 November 2009


I've been thinking about the first line in this clip for the last few days. SO EPIC. I honestly need to force someone to go see the room with me because once was not enough. Tommy Wiseau is a GENUIS.


I went to a pub tonight with the board members of my school's student society and some of our lecturers. I'm pretty sure I was beyond awkward with most of them. It's odd being in a department that is so young, I feel like they're my peers when in reality they're phd's who are teaching me the ways of international public policy. Then again, I've generally always been awkward talking to professors, especially male professors. Oh well. However, I do think the way academic departments function here is much different from that of American universities. I discussed this with one of my lecturers and apparently it's true. He's English but received his phd in America, so I guess he'd know.

In less awkward news, semi-early tomorrow morning I'm journeying to Oxford and hopefully visiting Blenheim palace with my fav twins. So excited.

Photo From my Archives

Belfast, Northern Ireland. March 31st 2008.
I must be a 45 year old woman because I found this trailer to be so funny. And it's nice to see Alec Baldwin in a film that shows a lot of promise (ie not Minni's First Time or Suburban Girl- two of the worst films I have ever seen).

Highlight of Last Night

Seeing a woman with her child sitting on her shoulders next to a woman with her westie sitting on her shoulders... literally. I should have asked the woman her secrets for keeping her dog so calm during fireworks. I think Minnie would have literally died being so close to loud bangs.