Friday, 17 September 2010


I innocently signed onto Twitter this morning and was startled by a series of tweets from everyone's favorite mess Lindsay Lohan. Apparently while I slept news broke that LiLo failed a drug test! And she admitted it... on Twitter! Dramz!

All I can say is that Brit Brit is so lucky to have relatively stable and caring parents who were able to relatively bring her back from the cliff of crazy.

Daily Mail story of the mornin'

A return of one of my favorite features. Here's a classic Daily Mail story about "Broken Britain." This time a follow up of Kathleen, (one of, though at the time of the birth she was the youngest) Britain's youngest mum. The story is the usual sad yet can't stop reading varieties that explores where they are now that Kathleen's daughter is 12 (the age she was when she had her).

The best part of the story is a baby picture of Kathleen, underneath which the Mail wrote the caption: "So young: Kathleen aged just 18 months, just a few years before she would give birth aged 12"
Well... while Kathleen did give birth ridiculously young, I think a "few years" may be an overstatement.


Tomorrow I'm finally reuniting with Oxford Northern Irish twin and journeying to Blenheim Palace. Which is not only the home of the Duke of Marlbourgh, but also the birthplace of Churchill AND the set for Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet.

I am MASSIVELY excited.

After that we're going to dinner at The Trout, which I attempted to find like four times during my Oxford days. Luckily J knows where it is. Apparently he called to make reservations and they couldn't understand his name in his accent so he had to give them my name. Awkward turtle.