Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Video of the Evening

I know this is everywhere... but it's amazing and brought joy to my post-dinner (delicious curry) life.

My Favorite Waitrose Items

Waitrose, my favourite grocery store ever (JK! Wegmans is the best grocery store FOREVER) has some really high quality Waitrose Brand products. Here is a list of my favs in no particular order:

-Ginger Biscuits
-Dark Chocolate Continental Style Biscuits
- Shortbread and Fruit Biscuits (there's a theme here...)
- Waitrose Essential Potatoes
-Waitrose Essential Peas
-Waitrose readymade ravioli

But mostly the biscuits. They are DELICIOUS!

Things I am Excited For

-Catz Nite this Friday
-Thanksgiving dinner with my UCL friends Saturday night
-Lots and Lots of Mince Pies and Mulled wine
-Being done with Economic lectures at the end of this term
-Christmas activities

Almond Croissant Review

Almond Croissant from Euphorium Bakery, Angel.

So before I went to sweet this used to be my fav almond croissant place. To side track, I really shouldn't have purchased an almond croissant, seeing as I had a chinese food dinner at 9pm last night mm. But, anyways. The croissant was small than I like my croissants, but I guess it's a normal size. The crust was exceptionally flakey and came off in layers. Both ends were hardened with the almond filling, which was a nice touch. Yet, I would say the outer crust was fine, I guess if you eat a croissant in a less barbaric way than me it would probably be fine, but I found it a little bland. However, once I reached the very soft and doughy center the croissant became delicious. The almond filling was delicious, not overwhelming, just enough. So, whilst Sweet still has the best almond croissant so far, if I'm up in Angel and fancy an almond croissant, Euphorium is worth it, even if the staff are unfriendly. Also, it's just a nice cafe in general. A nice place to read the newspaper.

Score: 6/10

Laugh of the Mornin'

From this video it's all clear that Christians shouldn't do rap. I mean first of all, the side hug is the worst. Wouldn't you show love for your fellow man more by giving a really good hug? Also, this groups efforts to be "ghetto" is pretty awful. They're not fooling anyone, except for maybe sheltered Christian teens.