Saturday, 16 October 2010

annnnddd it just started downpouring. Oh England!

Money Money Moooonnnaaayyyy

I've found it impossible to save money in this country. Part of that problem is that I'm currently earning a sad sad small amount (you gotta start somewhere!). Also part of that problem is big expenses that keep hitting me.

Such as:

-My flights to Dublin to fly home.
- My very very expensive flights to Belfast for Christmas (soooo much better than being alone for Christmas!).
- My exorbitantly expensive monthly travel card for the tube.

Ughhhhhh. And my skin has been SO bad that it's made me feel supa ugly so today I splurged on some clinique blemish makeup...praying that it restores mah beauty. I'm trying to write this off in my mind bc it cost exactly as much as work owes me for various purchases. But then (because I'm completely crazy) I keep thinking that work will not pay me back (which they always have and why wouldn't they?!).

In a few hours I'm meeting up with the lovely Mercedes. Who I haven't seen since I was sixteen! Whhhhhhaaaat! Then tonight I'm going to my friend's birthday party. Luckily my face shouldn't look like an ugly teenage. But by the end of the weekend I'm going to be a poor puppy.

I'm just so lucky I have a few months to sort my life/skin out before my student loans kick in. But starting next paycheck, I'm going to live like a pauper.