Sunday, 10 October 2010


St. Mary's, Swinbrook, the third church visited
Ridiculous monument inside St. Mary's.

Fields outside the most isolated church we visited

I spent Saturday in the countryside, at the beginning of the Costwolds in Oxfordshire. Amaazing. I've wanted to go for a nice country walk in England for literally years. I was not dressed for this adventure, but eh. My H&M jacket was great though.

Basically, Oxford Northern Irish twin and I started in Burford and walked to this church (St. Oswalds), which is literally in a field by itself. It's on the site of an abandoned medieval village. The woman in the Burford tourist center said it was about a mile walk... it was actually about a 3 mile walk through fields. Magical! We then went to St. Mary's, Swinbrook, which was pretty near the tiny lonely church. It's actually where the Mitford sisters are buried, so that was a surprise. The church also had the craziest tomb I've ever seen (see above).

After that church we went to this swanky country pub filled with ridiculously posh people. Like Americans idea of English people. It was a lovely pub. We also saw a countless Range Rovers.

Then we had a very very long walk back, hitting two more churches on the way. By the end we were both knackered and just spent a lot of time staring into space. I also laid on his kitchen floor to stretch my back, because I'm class like that! Overall, a magical magical English day! Even if the sun didn't come out at well. Tis' the season of mists after all!

Now it's X Factor time... please let Katie be voted off. Please.

I give to you the two worst people on X Factor

One clearly is sick with an eating disorder and wears awful clothing, the other is actually the worst person in the world.


And I give to you the BEST PEOPLE EVER on X Factor