Friday, 29 January 2010

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a powerhouse of aid. Seriously, it seems like they're involved everywhere. Including in my field of interest, food security, where they're financing a pilot program for the World Food Programme. FUN TIMES.

Men I Really Like Right Now

-Marcus J. Borg, biblical scholar and one of my personal heroes whose books have introduced me to a form of religion that embraces life, not condemnation and exclusivity. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Marcus

-Simon Pegg, Actor/ Writer. Simon is my favorite celebrity that I follow on Twitter. He's hilarious. Also, I just started watching Spaced and it is hilaaarious.

-Gok Wan, Fashion Genius- Life Coach. I really feel Gok Wan's How to Look Good Naked Series is inspiring and important television. He is a gift to women.


The Room. Tomorrow.


I am on a serious, rampant food binge. Like I can't stop. It's just been one of those days I guess! I'll be really good tomorrow until my dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen mmm. I really do need to be better because if I keep this up I'll get on the scale next week and weigh enough to be on one of the TLC programs like Half Ton Teen (not really).


I remain unemployed, but I passed my essay with flying colors! While I got a pretty low mark for having a sound argument (ouch), I did really well on the other points. This essay was 100% of my grade for a class, so I'm very happy I managed to earn a grade I'm happy with. Yeyy! And there were blue skies this afternoon! Wooo! And tonight I'm going to a wine and cheese party for UCL PostGrads that's FREEEEEE! YIPPY! I also ate a really good cookie today from Marks & Spencer. Things are okay. Though, I really need employment.

Also, Lianne arrives two weeks from today!

Bea's of Bloomsbury Scone Review

So I wanted to get a croissant at Bea's of Bloomsbury to continue the tradition. They didn't have Croissants, so I get an orange and cranberry breakfast scone. Here is my review:

I have only been to Bea's of Bloomsbury on one other occasion. For their absurdly sweet afternoon tea with Pamela. For 9.50£ you get a scone, clotted cream, jam, a cupcake and a variety of mini deserts plus obviously tea. I was super hungover that day and I just couldn't do it. It was just too much. However, I recognised that my judgement was probably impaired.

Note: I really need to be doing reading, instead I'm doing this. OH WELL.

So after my 9am lecture I walked to Bea's hoping for a croissant. No luck. I instead got an americano and a cranberry and orange breakfast scone. At home I heated it up and put it on a plate with a pat of butter and some jam. It was honestly perfect. Buttery and perfect on the outside, soft and flavourful on the inside. The butter melted into it and the jam was an excellent compliment. I may have had a terrible job interview yesterday, I may have within 10 hours sent 5 of the most awkward text messages of my life (sorry!), my body may be rejecting my decision to take an herbal mood lifter, it may be rainy and grey outside, my headphones may have died, an empty water bottle may have just exploded on my desk (well it jumped up on the air on it's own 1-wtf 2- call GHI!), and I may have not lost any weight this week (hopefully I gained muscle?), but Bea's has made everything okay, for at least a few minutes. Please, if you're in Bloomsbury go to Bea's. I can't wait to take Lianne there for their cheaper (£6) afternoon tea that comes with scones and jam. And I clearly need to start going there more.

Oh. My. God. And now my Peace and Security essay is ready for pick up. Ugh. I may need to go back to bea's later. FML. The last two days have been way too much.