Saturday, 17 April 2010

things (again)

- My family arrived and we almost instantly all got into a fight over going to Costco for lunch. The only person who wanted to go was my grandma, and she with her high pitched voice of course won.
-Costco was filled with creatures who would be at home in Walmart.
- We then went to the most depressing mall ever. It used to be really nice, but now it's filled with people who seem ready for a gang fight. Though, I did have a delicious crepe for dinner.

-Went for a morning stroll with fatha
- Went to Einsteins Bagels with dad and sista
- Read some economics, comprehended very little.
- Sat by the pool
-While I was sitting by the pool my mom and sister left without asking me to go get manicures and pedicures. I AM BEYOND PISSED. I actually almost started crying, because whenever I'm with my family I revert to my 16 year old self. Fun times.
-Now I'm going to a senior living community pool party. I'm going to get DRUNK (not at all).