Friday, 19 March 2010

Things Done Tonight

- Ate a lot of camembert with Pamela.
-Read a few articles about food aid and trade liberalization. FUN
-Ate a dark chocolate kit kat and vanilla yogurt.
- Watched a very funny/ relatable 30 Rock. Oh Liz Lemon, how real you are.
- Drank lemon and ginger tea.
- Watched an episode of Father Ted.

In short, the craziest night ever.

Things I'd Rather be Doing

I'm staying in tonight doing sh*t for my dissertation. BLAH. Here are some things I'd rather be doing.

- Baking cookies. I'm fighting off the temptation to bake. The best weapon I have is a glance down at my stomach. I DO NOT need cookies. Plus, I gave them up for lent.
-Travelling somewhere fun.
- Seeing a film and eating lots of cinema food.
- Laying in bed reading.
- Drinking wine in a non-stressful, social light scenario. Like at a pub or something.
- Shopping.

I can't even think about this. Mainly I want to be making cookies or lying in my bed. Ughhh I really want to make cookies! But I won't. BLAH

Things I do to Procrastinate take 3

Thank you Best Week Ever for posting this and helping me once again procrastinate.

Oh Japan, how you perplex me so

Ra Ra Riot covers my theme song

I now know two amazing Kate Bush cover's by Ra Ra Riot. GOOD WORK!

Things I do to Procrastinate take 2

Thank you Jon Stewart for this. The whole 15 minutes is amazing, but it becomes classic post 1230. AMAZINGGGGGGG. Now I should do work...

Things I do to Procrastinate

Muahahaha I find this so funny though I know it's mean. And to be fair, if I was to sing a song of any Asian language, I would mess up the lyrics 1000000000X more than this guy. Still...