Sunday, 1 November 2009

Weekend highlights

Today has been a total waste of a day, I did no work and ate way way way too much. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow I can semi-detox, aka avoid anything that resembles a baked good. I would say avoid cheese but that would probably prove impossible.

Anyways, Friday I watched the excellent film 24-Hour Party People at some friends flat. I'd seen the film before, but years ago. What an exciting place and time musically, minus the violence and general shittiness of everyday life in Manchester at that time.

Saturday I went to Regents Park, which is basically my favorite park in London. I sat by the pond and read Mrs. Dalloway. It was perfect. Saturday night was fine, not the greatest night of my life, but certainly not the worst. But all the alcohol left me feeling gross all day today. Bahhh. And gave me no motivation to do work. Which means I'm going to have to wake up early tomorrow and pound out some reading. Yey.

Crossing Tower Bridge at 3am in attempts to locate the correct late bus. Oy Vey.