Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bahahah I always knew Jacob looked familiar!! In related news (since I spent tonight watching lost instead of doing work), I have apparently given up on my degree and completely given in to procrastination. Wah. I need to do solid work this entire weekend. FUN TIMES.

what the what?

What is happening in this film? I think I missed something, like the entire 1980s (minus the 3 years I don't remember).


Congrats Melania and Donald Trump, this is EXACTLY how I want to dress my future sons. Except probably not in a white sweater, that seems too dangerous.

Barron Trump on Celebs and Bubs (best blog ever!)

Mas Picturas de Scotland (yes, I am an amazing linguist)

Castle near Loch Lomand
Glasgow University
Nice Park, awful council flats

Classy! aka Daily Mail Link of the Mornin'

The best part about this Daily Mail article about Katie Price (WHO I DO NOT LIKE ANYMORE) visiting a Hollywood sexshop with her gross husband (WHO I ALSO DO NOT LIKE) is that the headling starts with Classy! What a legitimate paper!

Seriously though Katie, you're a mother!