Thursday, 1 July 2010

I should be in Florence right now...

Instead I'm sitting in my tiny, hot, overpriced room in London, trying to avoid my Iraqi flatmates (who are actually about 55). Yes, I share a student dorm with two 55 year old Iraqi men. Get me out of here!

Two weeks ago, I thought everything in my life was perfect. I kept pinching myself, thinking, IT'S REALLY HAPPENING! MY life is getting exciting! Now it's just exciting in some tragic way. Though, I suppose it's not THAT bad. It just sucks, a lot.

It sucks because:
I'm not in Italy.
I'm forever single.
I lost my passport.
I have to pay for a new visa.
I live with middle aged men.
I've realized I'm screwed with my dissertation and I have to spend most of tomorrow in the library starting it. And most of Saturday and m
ost of Sunday. Like I actually have to do a lot this time. Not just say I'm going to in my mind. Goals: figure out how to code data tomorrow, write intro and lit review on Saturday and Sunday. Oy.Vey.

Good things:
I'm going to Oxford tomorrow to have a slumba party with my friend Claire.
I bought some really nice new clothes to make up for me not going to Italy.

Cute on sale wedges from Clarks! Loving the wedges look!

A nice summer trench from Gap... heavily reduced in the UK!

So at least I'll look like a chic city worker. Wallow Wallow.