Friday, 5 February 2010

1- I wish my grandma was in it.
2- I want to hang with these ladies.
3- In 50 years or so, I want to be these ladies.

Really interesting HuffPo article about Development, the IMF and Haiti. A lot of the points covered in it (in relation to development in general) were covered in my Political Economy of Development lecture this morning. Basically, the article covers how the IMF has caused so many devastating problems (famine, poverty traps, slums, etc.) in countries and how public action has ensured that Haiti won't fall further into that trap with the 100 million dollar loan the IMF is offering Haiti. Because of public activism (through facebook!) the IMF will free the loan of the huuuuugggeeee conditions that usually accompany IMF loans. Anywho, it's a really interesting read for those who aren't familiar with IMF development projects and for those who are.

Laugh of the Morning

Joe Mande, creator of the blog Look at this Fucking Hipster's (ooooo swear word! But very very funny blog) review of Tyler Perry's new live show. It is hilarious, especially the pictures of his face. Though, as Mande states, I don't think he was any where close to being the target audience for the show.