Thursday, 21 October 2010

This made me laugh so hard I literally could not breath. AMAZING.

Yes Please

This is actually my favorite piece of classical music ever. GORGEOUS. And this video is set to the final scene from Persuasion, though not from the version with mah baby Cieran Hinds. Aside, I still don't believe two people can be as much in love as Anne and Wentworth. Well, I don't believe men can love women that much. BITTER.

Anyways, this song is Oxford for me. I played it on my first coach ride into Oxford the moment it pulled into the city. The music fits autumn in England and just generally reminds me of Oxford and happy memories. Best.Year.Ever.

You go with your two feet bare Down through the cold lane there, to Brighton

What fantastic facial hair they all have.
A bonus to living in the UK is the access to more Louis Theroux. I remember two years ago (HOW WAS THAT TWO YEARS AGO!?) spending way too much time trying to locate Theroux's most documentary on the Phelps family, aka the most hated family in America. It was worth all the procrastination.

Tonight I watched his Weird Weekend with bodybuilders and it made my dinner infinitely more enjoyable.