Saturday, 5 February 2011

Another Productive Saturday...

Yet another example of an amazing youtube comment.

This was listed under the best Broadway cover ever:

"Oh. My. God. JUST-

Oh my god...

This is unbelievably amazing and arguably the best rendition of this song EVER.

I simply cannot deal with this.




Here's a youtube comment from the second best song EVER. Amazing

"ok, alot of my blk "brothers and sisters" are gonna hate me for this but i have to say that whitneys version didnt have the heartbreak that dollys had, i mean, ths woman who has loved this man since she was a teen knows that she could never marry him because shes the madam of a bordello and he wants to make a change through politics. whitneys version was just over the top and loud; dollys was subtly expressive and poignant."


Daily Mail story of the mornin'

Church girl cries RAPE and exposes the "kind of society we live in." I LOATHE stories like this. There's nothing in this story that shows what kind of society we live in. A girl couldn't handle the religion she was probably forced into and her growing sexuality, so she had sex (at youth group- near other kids- okay weird), got pregnant and out of shame said she was raped. I HATE when stories say that stuff like this is exemplitive of our society. As a (former) student of history, art history and english literature, shit like this has ALWAYS happened. I really don't think human nature has changed, media has just put it all out there.

Rant done. Love you forever Daily Mail xooxoxox.