Sunday, 21 March 2010

Goal in Life

To attend a sing-a-long jam session in Ireland. Like the one in Once. Or one like this, with Glen Hansard singing the most beautiful song ever and the audience softly singing along. Bahhhh so jealous of all in attendance.

The highlight of tonight was watching Glee. Even though I didn't like the episode, I really do not like Mr. Schuester's wife. She's AWFUL. But, anyways, there's this song they play during the sad parts that reminds me so much of this song from Once. A song that I didn't realize was SO sad until now. Wow. I might watch Once tonight. Great film.

Aw Yeaaa

The National performed the opening track from their new album (which comes out in May) on Jimmy Fallon a few days ago. Actually, like almost two weeks ago, but I've been in England, soooo. Anyways, I'm diggin it.

things 2 do 2day

1- Eat some oatmeal, without a banana since I can't afford those cals. I'll eat the oatmeal in lieu of a cookie later. SAD.
2- Walk my fat a** to Regents Park for some semblance of exercise. Get coffee on the way.
3- Do some work until 1145.
4- Go to Waitrose, buy only healthy foods.
5- Do Work ALL DAY.
6- Watch Glee

I'll also have some healthy meals. BAH. No fun.

How I will Lose EIGHT POUNDS before Florida

I'm really becoming a creature of Walmart. I can't believe I let myself go SO much. When evaluating my life in the last 4 minutes, I but the blame on two main culprits: CHEESE and BAKED GOODS. So now for the next three weeks and one day until I leave for Florida I will eat no cheese and no baked goods. Plus I will count every calorie I eat. It's only three weeks! I can do it. Maybe.

I'm also hoping I like lose 2 pounds today by just not eating like yesterday. But we'll see. BLAH.
Oh MY God, I just got on the scale. I've gained so much weight. I have three weeks to lose it before Florida. Let's see if this can happen! BAH.