Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Justin Webb at LSE

This evening I made my way down to LSE to see the BBC's former North American editor, Justin Webb in a conversation with another British journalist, Kirsty Young (who was wearing awesome shoes I could never pull off). I regularly read Justin's blog over the last few years until he moved back to England for another BBC gig. Overall, I found the conversation really interesting. It is very interesting to hear one's nation analyzed by an outsider. Overall, I agreed with most of his points, though I don't think the title of his lecture really factored in: "Why I grew to love America and you should too."

But then I guess, I don't understand America anymore than Justin does. Living outside the country makes me analyze America more than I do when I'm home. Because of the distance, it's easier and less personal. However, like him I see the complexity and diversity within America. And I think that diversity is something that's really hard for the rest of the world to truly grasp.

Also, the other lecture at LSE that night that two of my friends attended was about the successes of the UN. A lecture that was probably much more relevant to my course. OH WELL
I'm pretty excited about attending this tonight...
Today is my one month anniversary of moving to London. It feels like I've been here for a lot longer, though I've done a really awful job of exploring my new city. So let's hope month 2 brings lots of wonderful things.

Daily Mail Article of the Day


"It was a nightmare - she would come to the bottom of the stairs and pray every morning at about 3am for at least an hour and recite the Lord's Prayer.

‘It got so bad you couldn't sleep - even with earplugs, it just went on and on and on.’"

Sounds like she really loves Jesus. I can't even imagine being in that situation, it would probably be really funny for a night but after a few more nights I'd definitely call the cops.