Monday, 2 November 2009

Albums Spotify has allowed me to become obsessed with

Spotify has exposed me to some amazing albums that I definitely plan on buying once father Christmas gives me an itunes gift certificate. For the curious, here is a list (in no particular order) of the albums I've been listening to over and over again:

- Ra Ra Riot- The Rhumb Line
which includes there's stupendous cover of my girl Kate Bush's classic Suspended in Gaffa.

-Regina Spektor- Far
Besides a few songs like Samson, I've never been really into Regina Spektor. This album, however, has made me a real fan of hers.

-Miike Snow- Miike Snow
A friend suggested that I listen to this album. It's really good. They're another Scandinavian group for me to appreciate!

Yeyyy new music!
Just finished my dinner. But now I want to eat a second dinner. Argh! Maybe I'll give it a few and then have some soup or something.

Foods that exist in the UK but not in the US

Blackcurrants are a mystery to me. When I first encountered them, I thought that maybe they had a different name in the US because blackcurrants are everywhere here and I've never seen them in the US. I am actually currently eating blackcurrant flavored yogurt. Well Wikipedia just informed me of the answer. Apparently,

"Blackcurrants were once popular in the United States as well, but became extremely rare in the 20th century after currant farming was banned in the early 1900s when blackcurrants, as a vector of white pine blister rust, were considered a threat to the U.S. logging industry"

WTF. That's definitely not the answer I was expecting, but pretty interesting. However, I'm not too bummed about the lack of this crop in America because I don't find the taste entirely appealing. I am though, shocked at the fact that they were banned in the US. Apparently they're still banned in a lot of states. CRAZY!