Saturday, 2 October 2010

how have I not seen this before?!?!?!


aw yeaaa

The rain I was promised today was started. It makes my cops watching all the most acceptable. American Cops... so so amazing.

Weekend... revised

I just went to Oxford Street with the thoughts of getting a new jacket (a nice autumn casual one) and hitting up Primark for some cheap basics/ a makeup bag. I ended up getting said jacket and a cheap chic sweater. I started walking to Primark and that's when I got in trouble. I saw a sign in Gap. A sign that read SALE. And there went

my money. I LOVED everything I tried on. I had to stare at various items for like half an hour before I could decide which would make the cut. In the end I decided on two sweater dresses, SO much nicer than the ones I tried on in H&M and they originally were 50£ each. But I really really shouldn't have spent that much money. I'm going to have to really consider returning something/ not eat for a week. Ugh! I'm trying to console myself for the fact that I haven't gone shopping in forever (aka two weeks), but I know I've been a bad girl.

Anyways, here's the stash.

Also I just saw an advert for a travel agency that ca
ters to people who have no one to go on vacation with. My future. And I'm watching Cops.

Luckily Ruth is coming over tonight for a slumber party, so I will have some social activity this weekend. And she can provide me with her opinion on the clothes.

Sweater from H&M... I'll probably return this one, though I really need sweaters. It just makes me look like a fat tay.
Though it looks good with my super cool new jacket.
Obsessed with this jacket. Obsessed! But I def think the sweater will be returned.
Gap Sweater dress 1. I'm not sure. I really liked this one in the store, though the angle etc may take away from its cuteness.
Work it girl.
Gap Sweater Dress 2. Really like this one, though it doesn't look that great in the photo. I had a few days last week where I felt like I was dressed like an intern. I think this dress will transcend me into the YP category.

October Song

I look forward to October every year so this can be my theme song. I remember the moment I fell in love with it, walking across University Yard at GW Freshman year and just thinking it described how I felt at that moment so well. I guess not so much lyrically, but as a whole package.

Well, I always thought it was by Bert Jansch, now I learn it's by the Incredible String Band, another Glasgow act, that Jansch used to dabble with in the 60s. Well, here are both versions. They're both amazing. Though I'm still partial to Jansch's ridiculously haunting voice:


I literally have NO plans this weekend. I managed to fill all of September with super busy weekends, thus distracting me from the fact that grad school was over and friends had dispersed. Now I'm left facing two days of having literally nothing to do. Oh wait, I told my boss I would make a design for our next company competition. I'll do that... tomorrow...

Usually when I'm busy I dream of weekends like this, where I can just hypothetically lay in bed the whole time and read books. Well, when actually faced with that, all I feel is ridiculous boredom. It just turned 9am and I'm already bored! Disaster!

I think I'm going to surf various music blogs and capture come sweet tunes to make my October fab. I already found a really great on, which shall follow immediately after this boring bored post.