Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Things that Aren't Healthy that I Do Part 2

The other day I neglected to say the version of the Carousel song "If I loved you" that is REALLY my favorite. Aka the reprise, where the dead bill sings to Julie how he really LOVED her. Mah girl (and facebook wife) Shelly wrote that this is her favorite version on my wall and I definitely agree. I sing it in the shower frequently. But it's a not healthy thing that I do because whenever I "break" up with a crush (YEA) aka am separated by them by a new girlfriend, disillusionment or distance this is what I imagine them singing about me... how they really DID love me! But they were afraid and shy and you know what, they let their golden chance go by!

Wow. I probably should find a real boyfriend/ get a life. Way.Too.Hard.

One of my goals in life...

Seeing Belle & Sebastian live.