Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Issues Right Now

- My food baby still exists and is super painful. Further, my feet are swollen, so it's possible that my body actually thinks I'm pregnant (which is thankfully impossible).
- I've become so nostalgic for America that I'm like sadly dreaming of American chain restaurants like Denny's.
- I still have no motivation to do anything. FAIL.
- All my PFH (Potential Future Husbands) have been rendered unrealistic because 1- I realised it was all getting sad and 2- a variety of circumstances made me realise that (girlfriends, they'll never be straight, they haven't spoken to me in years, etc.). Now I'm stuck with the bottom member of my list the one who I'd probably be happy with but maybe never LOVE. Yea, I have a list and I have a safety choice. Of course the safety choice like all the others has never shown interest in me... sooooo... I'm a very pathetic person. OH WELL.
- I'm beyond excited to go to this really gross/AMAZING thrift store in Florida and go to McDonald's after for breakfast. Which is my fav activity to do with my Grandparents.
-The highlight of my day was when one of the men in the office called me "mate." BEST FRIENDS!
In honor of St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, I present you with the greatest leprechaun themed news story ever ever ever.

Enjoy. Cherish. Love.