Monday, 3 May 2010

Behold: the song that will get me through finals. Also, funnily enough, the song that got me through childhood.

Really Liking this Song

I can't find the studio version on youtube. But this live version is good. Sweden produces so much wonderful music!

Cut to 1:25 for a scene from my future wedding. Minus the man-tights.

I should be studying.

How I'm Procrastinating this evening part 2

Same way as yesterday. Though, you really should watch this one where he carefully and I think accurately explains why the new Star Wars films SUUUCCCKKKKKKK. Seriously though, biggest let down ever (along with the newest Indiana Jones film).

Oh Ma Gaaowwddd

The Tardis has landed amongst mah shit!

Thanks Lianne for the coolest airfreshener ever!

A Modern Day Love Story in the Daily Mail

There's an article in the Daily Mail today about a man who went to Vegas, met and girl and got married within 3 hours. I don't really know why it's news/in any kind of newspaper. Neither is famous. I'm sure shit like that happens in Vegas a lot, a la Britney Spears. I know it's the Daily Mail, but, really?