Monday, 11 January 2010

List of Republicans for gay marriage. Dick Cheney is on the list, which surprised me at first but then I remembered his daughter is a Lesbian. It kind of disturbs me that Cheney and I agree about something. Not shocking that my twitter friend Meghan McCain is on the list.
The NI Robinson crises has reached America. An article about Peter Robinson's decision to take a 6 week break is currently the 4th most read story on CNN, under stories about Avatar, most intriguing people of the day, and balloon boy's dad. So basically, it's the most read real story right now. I'm not surprised either, because this story has all the elements Americans love in a political scandal. There's also this very concise New York Times article. Aaannnndd I should be working on my dissertation topic instead of thinking about this.


Tucker Carlson has created a new news website called the Daily Caller. Good to see my first douche bag crush up to something. Furthermore, everytime I hear/see Tucker Carlson I can only think of the time Lianne and I saw him in DC. Well I saw him first and when I told Lianne she said- "Tuuuuuhhhhkkkk errrrr!" really loud, not realising that he was literally right in front of her. CLASSIC.

My Gorgeous Journey to Iceland

I only bought a one-way ticket to London, since I don't know when I'll be going back. The cheapest ticket was on Iceland air, which meant I would have to fly through Reykjavik and fly through Reykjavik I did. In total I was in Iceland for an hour and a half and couldn't see anything because it was the morning and they have like an hour of daylight in the winter. But, I do now have entry and exit Iceland stamps in my passport! WIN! And I got to visit what is probably one of the oddest countries on earth. For example, their language has evolved so little over the last 1000 years that they can read ancient viking texts. CRAZY. Also, I direct you to this editorial in the Times about the character of the icelandic people.

Anyways, Iceland Air was fine. I was originally seated in the emergency exit row, which a thrill. Until I saw my seat, which was literally half a seat because the plane's door was blocking the other half. I don't even know if that's legal. Further, Iceland Air does not serve food on their flights, which was fine because my flight was late. But I would not want to fly it during the day, how hungry I would be! Also, they had a pretty good selection of TV shows and Films. Though, the films were really random and only had like two new releases. So I watched an episode of Lie to Me (pretty good!) and an episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia (really funny, considering I didn't think I liked that show!) plus half a documentary about local sons, Sigur Ros and half of the film A Life Less Ordinary, which was alright.

Then we landed in the mythical nation of Iceland and I was way too tired to explore the airport. I would like to return to Iceland one day, during the summer, and explore, but I nevertheless can say that I've been there! I then slept like a little baby on my 3 hour flight to London. Why is Iceland so far from EVERYTHING!?! What a random place to live.

And now I'm back in London. I've pretty quickly gotten over my jetlag AND I finished my essay today! Although it needs intense editing. Wooooo!