Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Photo From my Archives

27 April 2009. Washington, DC. Shakespeare's Birthday Party at the Folger Library

Indie Music Stereotypes

Gawker posted a link to this blog that compiled a list of popular indie bands and the stereotypes associated with them.

While I like a lot of the bands on the list my most fav band on the list is TV on the Radio, who are actually probably my favorite band in general. So, according to the list I am a:

TV On The Radio
Politically-correct hipsters.

Well... I'm not sure about Politically Correct, but I'm sure a hipster! (completely in my mind...)

Since this is fun, I'll continue onto this blog, which stereotypes people by their favorite authors. My fav author is hands down James Joyce, so according to this blog:

James Joyce

People who do not like John Cusack movies.

SO TRUE! 2012 was SHIT. I can't think of a John Cusack film that I actually liked...

I can't believe I'm up past 11... I need to stop being so crazy.

Where the Wild Things Are

I realized that I never wrote about my epic experience going to see a film by myself. It was overall a pretty good experience. I went at 1:30, which seems to be a popular time to go see a film by yourself and I ended up sitting in between (with a few seats separating us) two hipstas who were there by themselves. But at first I was concerned because I was in the theater alone for a while with an old man who looked dirty and a man who was wearing a vinyl suit that kept making annoying noises whenever he moved. He looked like he was wearing a trash bag. But then more normal people started coming in.

And the film itself, Where the Wild Things Are, was really good. I wouldn't say it was amazing, but then again I think it may be a film that deserves multiple viewings. But I did tear up a little, which was nice. Though, it didn't make me sob like every Pixar film.

Here's a song from it:


I haven't stopped eating since I landed in America, basically. I guess I'll have to start thinking about being healthy january 1st so I don't do back to England with 4 extra dress sizes on me. Oh and my eye won't stop twitching. FUN.

Anyways, things I'm loving about America right now:

1- Idaho Potatoes, sorry England, we have better potatoes.
2- Satellite TV.
3- Trashy American TV shows like the Jersey Shore and Teen Mom.
4- Having a nice mattress.
5- Quiet Suburb (This will be one of the first things I start not liking)
6- Having all my books near.
7- Kettle Corn
8- My room.
9- Cookie Parties.