Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Laura Bush surprises me more and more! Not only does she support gay marriage, but she's also pro choice! I wish I knew what a relatively progressive cool lady she is when Georgie was in office.
Wow just realized my blog header had an awk grammar/syntax mistake. Awkward. Especially considering I have a degree in English.


This is officially the best thing I've seen all day.

Coming in a close second is this:


- I was drunk by 1pm today. FUNNNN. PIMMSSS
-I have yet to go to the gym I joined. Okay considering I joined yesterday. I'm aiming for saturday.
-Seeing The Ghost tonight, which was released as Ghost Writer in America.
- I need to stop spending money.
-I'm nervous about the Lost finale.
- I'm just about to read the paper from last Sunday.

One final left! The two hard ones out of the way. I can't believe I'm done with research methods and econ. AMAZINGGGGGG.