Wednesday, 27 January 2010

May 9th 2007: the greatest thing I have ever seen in an elevator. Washington, DC

This is Why I'm Single

Today while getting froyo I listened to a woman in my program talk about her friends who have transformed into yummy mummy's. Hearing her describe their life I secretly was jealous of their designer strollers and BABIES. I then proceeded to dream about my future with my "astronaut Mike Dexter."

In a semi-related moment, a highlight of my day was learning that Brad + Angelina are STILL IN LOVE. LOVE EXISTS!!!!! GOD HEARD MY PRAYERS! Though not really because they never broke up soooo. The last time God really answered my prayers was during my Sophomore year of HIGH SCHOOL when my AP Euro final project deadline was extended for a week because a major ice storm hit the night before it was due. The last time God blatantly rejected my bargaining efforts, thereby crushing my astronaut mike dexter dreams, was Thanksgiving Day. Shudder. Wow, I'm a really fun girl.

Volunteering Fun

Yesterday was the worst day of volunteering eva! We had gone to this youth group last week and they were a huge challenge, so we knew today was bad, but I actually ended up shouting at the children this week. BTW, my volunteer job is working for a charity that in the UK goes into youth groups and talks to the kids about human rights. Usually the kids are challenging, but at the end I'm overwhelmed by how bright they are. They usually win me over by the end, making me hugely impressed, not these kids. These kids were awful.

Basically, they were awful. Yea. Awful. They held views so radical that I think that's how they actually felt, not like just statements they were saying to get a rise out of us. I won't get into specifics because of privacy and stuff but wow. My coworkers and I ended the session after an hour and stumbled to a delightful pub, shellshocked and numb. We shared a bottle of wine and like couldn't even talk. It was RIDICULOUS.

Luckily today I have lunch with some new friends, class and then FROYO to make up for yesterday. Also, I gained a pound since my last weigh-in. UGhhhh I need to get back on track! I want to lose five more pounds by the time Lianne gets here.