Saturday, 30 January 2010

Song of the Night

Thank you Sara.

Hot Bitch of the Day

Lapo Elkann, hottest Jew in the world.

From The Satorialist 19 January 2010

I first learned about Lapo several years ago when I read about his drug overdose (which occurred in the company of a transexual hooker) in Vanity Fair. He is a dream. Since that unfortunate overdose he seems to have cleaned up and is now one of the darlings of world fashion. Oh and he's famous because he's one of the heirs to the Italian Fiat brand. He apparently was instrumental in making Fiat "cool." He's also a real quirky cutie. In one of my most creative moments, I made my friend Sara a tote bag with his face on it (she's a fellow Lapo lover). And by made, I mean I used iron transfer sheets to put his face on a tote bag I bought at michaels. CREATIVITY HAPPENS THERE! But anyways, I would marry Lapo, but I don't think I'm fabulous enough for him. Plus, I think he's in a serious relationship with a hot lady.
British review of the Jersey Shore. What a wonderful show. I'm so sad it's over. A second season will probably just suck anyways unless they get a new cast or like throw in a random Harvard phd student. That would make things interesting.
ughhh I've let my food binge carry into today. Blahhh!

Last night: hot chocolate and oatmeal at 11pm (YEAAA!)
Oatmeal at Pret
Pain aux Raisen from Sweet
3 small pancakes with honey, jam and fruit from my flatmates.

Do you see a pattern? I guess tomorrow is a new day... Except that I'm supposed to get lunch at Pizza Express. Wahooo.

I woke up this morning to snow (a bit) and SUN!

Also, I had a dream last night that Simon Pegg was arrested, WTF. Oh em gee it's supposed to be sunny all day today! I don't know how to handle this... If only it wasn't also supposed to be close to freezing. Maybe the sun will make it feel really warm...