Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Why this has been the worst week of my life.

- I was so hungover Sunday that it was borderline disgusting. I also realized that I potentially lost friends and alienated people Saturday night.
- I've had sleep anxiety every night since Sunday. Monday night I got about 3.5 hours. I fear for tonight.
-Tuesday I had to use my passport at the bank because my pin had to be replaced. I then proceeded to somehow lose my passport/have it stolen, all during the 2 minute walk to work. Issue, I was SUPPOSED to leave for Italy today.
- I didn't go to Italy because I can't get a visa until I get a new real passport (the embassy issued me a temporary one).
-So basically, week ruined. I should be in Italy now. Instead I'm poorer, depressed, tired and have to spend 167£ to get a new visa.

And there's more stuff but blllaahhhhhhh. FML