Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thank God they are showing this in America so it's not just one of those let's judge America programs. Also, pizza for breakfast? 1-Gross 2- That should be illegal in schools and 3- WOW. I don't think my parents are health nuts but they would be compared with the parents in this preview. I just people realize not all of America is like this! I eat salads and vegetables regularly! West Virginia, oyyy veyyyy.


I think I seriously have a gum problem. I effing love gum. I could have a pack a day habit if I wanted. Now I'm trying to stick to a pack every two days habit. The corner shop closest to me sells a delicious variety of orbits for a mere 65p. My flava flav of choice is Strong Mint. Also, it's Orbit complete so it supposedly helps to keep my teeth clean and healthy in between brushings. I hope the additional calories from it aren't ruining my diet. I doubt it. I've been so good about eating today, but I bet tomorrow I'll have gained weight. Oh my life. My unemployed, poor, overweight, and single life. Once again, hold me!
J.D. Salinger has died at the age of 91. I actually think about Salinger frequently, just wondering what he's up to. I also wonder if he's been secretly writing all these years. I guess we'll see! He also seemed like a grump. But RIP.

FML of the Day

I had a interview today for a part time job that was soo unexpectedly hard. There was a computer test as part of it and I was thinking it would be standard, Microsoft Office, typing skills thing. No, it was more along the lines of the Foreign Service Oral Case Management. But harder because I wasn't expecting it at all. I'm sure the staff is laughing at what an idiot I am right now. FML FML FML. My poverty continues. I'll send out more CV's this weekend YEYYYYY.