Thursday, 18 March 2010

WOW I love Hot Chip AND Peter Serafinowicz even more for this amazing/hilarious video. Bee Tee Dubs, the real Hot Chip appears at 2:42.

Lianne posted this on Twitter, well she got it from Michelle Collins of Best Week Ever, but eh. I had a good LOOOLLLL

Wait St. Patrick was actually a person? I was under the impression he was a leprechaun. JK. Anyways, I know this post is a day late, but I think Rev. James Martin has a good point about St. Patrick's Day in his HuffPo articl. I'm sure the average person getting wasted on green beers knows little about why St. Patrick has a feast day dedicated to him. Anyways, read the article, and next year think about St. Patrick. I did, mostly because I was sober and researching my dissertation and needed distractions, so reading about St. Pat provided about 45 minutes of distraction. FUN. Also, I wonder how St. Patrick's day evolved into the modern binge fest it is. I'm sure there's an article about it somewhere online.

And, here's St. Patrick's Grave in Northern Ireland.


I had a dream last night that Freud would love. First to preface this to my mom, just because I mention a "crush" (8th grade tee hehe), does not mean that those feelings are current or that I'm dating someone. xoxoxo.

So warning to my mom aside, here's a rundown of my dream. So I was in my dream with a group of people, including the boy I most recently liked and we had a flying machine, I ended up on the flying machine and it went haywire, I then saw the boy making out with some girl in the bushes ahaha. That probably would happen to me (minus the flying machine).

So I then flew away but TWIST, the person next to me ended up being my BF4eva from high school who I don't keep in touch with for a variety of reasons. NOTE: Flying in dreams supposedly means feeling "a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited." Further, a flying machine: Foretells of steady satisfactory progress in your future endeavors." (via Dream Mood Dictionary, surely very accurate)

Okay, so fair enough, that seems to make sense. I'm flying away from that, moving on, etc. BUT THEN!!! So we landed in the middle of nowhere, but there was an old house and a gas station. So the flying machine morphed into former BF4Eva's car, which was continually causing her problems. And we had stopped because it ran out of gas. So, we went to the gas station and they would let us purchase a can of gasoline as long as we let our license, so I couldn't find mine because Taylor stole it to use it as a fake ID, yes that was part of my dream. And I called my parents rally angrily. So then I realised I had my passport, which I gave to the man. But, former BF4eva was gone! I walked around the whole place for a long time, but she LEFT! She abandoned me in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! Wow, how loaded. The dream dictionary says that abandonment in dreams: suggests that it is time to leave behind past feelings and characteristics that are hindering your growth, it also speaks of feelings of being neglected and issues from childhood.

So that makes sense, I need to give up things and move on, get a new way of thinking, etc. THEN the dream took another twist. I walked inside the old house to call my parents and ask them to pick me up. BUT THEN, inside the house was every boy I had a major crush on during my undergrad. One was with his girlfriend. What does that mean?! Old House- old feeings? Idk!

So, that was weird, but then I decided not to call my parents because they would be like, we knew this would happen, why were you hanging out with her again, etc. So I called the first guy, who was making out in the bushes. And I wanted to ask him about that but when I started talking I couldn't say it AND I couldn't ask him to come get me/ it was an awkward conversation. I think this means that I thought he could save me (from LONELINESS), but I can only save myself, or something. But what a wild dream!