Wednesday, 3 February 2010


My fav show is finally back. Tonight's episode was 2 hours of WTF moments. The biggest WTF for me was the Temple, who knew the island was hiding an exclusive resort/health spa. Also idk about the parallel world stuff. The producers told Doc (Jeff) Jensen at Entertainment Weekly:
1) You are not as confused as you think. The questions you are asking are questions you should be aski
ng. (2) You will
get answers to these questions — but patience will be required. (3) The temptation will be to dismiss the sideways story as ''W
hat if...?'' trivia
, but we should trust that we're being shown this story for a reason, and so we should take the leap of investing in its reality. From EW.

Well Alright. I hope that's true. What I do know is true is that my two fav Island
hotties were in the episode.



I can't believe this is the last season.

Dear Itunes,

Please put up last night's season premiere of lost so I can purchase it and watch it right away. I could just go and watch it illegally, but I really want to watch it in quality HD. However, you are taking way too long to put it online and it's stressing me out.


Diet Woes

I gained a pound. Ugh. I've seriously been trying really hard to be healthy, keeping track of everything I eat and walking a lot. I'm doing really well with the eating, I think my issue is that I don't count the calories in drinks. It's not like I'm drinking whole milk lattes 4 times a day, but Monday I had a white Americano, various cups of milky tea and coffee and a large glass of red wine. And yesterday I had a flat white, which apparently has roughly 225 calories and who knows how much fat. Plus, tea and coffee with milk (skimmed, but still). Clearly I need to stick to green tea and one cup of coffee with milk in the morning. Plus, only Americanos with a touch of milk when I go out for coffee.

It's just so frustrating! Like I feel fine, more toned than when I was home (obviously bc of all the walking), but the weight has stopped going down since I arrived. I know I have to keep with it and have patience, but I really want to see the numbers drop! Bahhh. And today I'm getting a jacket potato for lunch. FAIL.

Daily Mail story of the mornin'

A 24-year old woman was ID'd at Tesco when she tried to buy a slice of quiche.

Tesco's response: 'We're at a loss to say what happened here."

LOLZ. But seriously, WTF.