Wednesday, 20 January 2010

This Looks SOOOO much better than the Snuggie! Motivation for getting a job!
This blog post by Roger Ebert about his journey from losing his ability to speak to his finding his ability to write again is amazing. I really enjoy Ebert's blog and twitter and I stupidly did not realise his illness had robbed him of the ability to speak. It really says a lot not only about the power of written word, but also of social media. Anyways, have a read through.
I have no idea what this film is about. It combines a ghost story with a literary festival with a love triangle and it's set in Ireland. BUT it does involve Cieran Hinds speaking in her real accent and since I love Ciaran so much maybe I'll see it. But probably not... Though I'll see if it's actually released. Or I'll just watch Persuasion over and over again.

O.M.G. Apparently Farrah's mom on Teen Mom (and previously 16 and Pregnant) was arrested for assaulting Farrah! MAJOR DRAMA. Even though Farrah is the worst mom ever, I think her mom should deal with her major anger issues. I mean on the show it's hard deciding which one is the bigger bitch. Though, I hope Farrah is okay. I don't even think Butch would beat his children...


This is the view from my window around 1245. It looked like this from the moment I woke up until the sun started setting. And it will look like this again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next days, and on and on and on.