Thursday, 11 February 2010

Another Roger Ebert Post

Roger Ebert posted this cartoon on his twitter... I had a good LOL.

In other news, in around 12 hours I'll be reunited with LIANNE!!! So excited!
Really cool Roger Ebert blog entry with a bunch of videos of London from 1896-2009. Pretty awesome.

If you have 10 minutes to spare, watch this 10 minute film of views around London in 1927 in color! There's no sound so I recommend adding your own soundtrack.

Mah New Jam

Thanks to Sam (who I don't think reads this blog) for telling me to listen to Hot Chip's new album. oxxoxo this song

Okay, okay Roger Ebert gave Valentine's Day only two stars and pretty much slammed it. But this will be a rare occasion when I go against critical guidance. I really really want to see Valentine's Day and I will force Lianne to see it with me. It just looks so good in an obvious chic flick way. ROMANCE! I hope I don't regret going against the lovely Roger.