Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I love Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson saved a woman being attacked by a gang of yobs. Fact. The youth gangs here are a pretty scary idea, I've lucky not faced any. But, I'm glad Boris is patrolling the streets!

Photo from my archives

Bruges, Belgium. 15 March 2008 (my 21st birthday)

This is a new feature where I'm going to randomly scroll through my photos and whatever event I stop on, I'll upload a picture. SO FUN!

another weather update

You probably can't tell from this picture, but it is not sunny out and pouring. Oh wait, I just looked out the window and it stopped. This crazy weather is reminding me so much of home.

Weather Update

Now the sun is shining.

Things I learned today

You cannot microwave falafel.

Rainy Rainy Day

It's pouring out. I guess this is good because I should be doing work all day today. But I'm hungry and the cleaning staff decided to clean my kitchen right now, during prime lunch hours, instead of when they're supposed to, tomorrow. UGH. I think I'm just going to wrap my duvet around myself and lay in bed while watching the rain. If only I had a man or just as good- Sara and Jenny to cuddle with.