Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Things Alec Baldwin and I have in common:
-Our Parent's live in Upstate New York
- We see why Wegmans is so amazing.

His mom seems like a wise woman.

Pheonix Tiny Desk Concert for NPR's All Songs Considered. Watch it. It's non-surprisingly awesome.


Have you ever had a dream where someone you know was SO mean to you that your mad at them the next day? Well I did last night. And I'm still mad at the person who was mean to me. THEY WERE SO CRUEL!


- I finished my last exam yesterday! And started drinking pretty much immediately after. Ooof.
- I need to never be allowed into River Island again. Let me explain River Island to my American friends, it's like Forever 21 blended with Abercrombie. It caters to the teenage market, but I effing love it. From I was in Oxford up until two months ago I thought River Island was lammee. How wrong I was! It's like they had me in mind when designing dresses. They're all SO cute and fit me absurdly well (to the point where I was to buy a size smaller than my normal size). Also they have nice dressing room mirrors AND they play that kind of enjoyable pop music that is boarderline hipster. God I love River Island. So, surprisingly (not), I spent too much money there yesterday. But I bought two supa cute dresses and a rocking cool headband.
- I need to not spend money for a while. Unfortunately I'm getting an expensive hair cut on Saturday. I need to not spend money after that for a while. Thank God I have my job to marginally support me.
-I ate dinner at 10pm yesterday.
- According to the forecast the lovely weather here is going to get more lovely and continue into the weekend!