Saturday, 10 July 2010

Issues In My Life

- My dissertation is a HUGE issue.
- My visa extension issues are causing me major anxiety (it expires too early, I may have to flee the country and my job in November- MAJOR STRESS!)
- I still need to get a new US passport and a new UK visa.
- I've felt gross the last three days.
- I need to find somewhere to live, mindful of the fact I may have to flee the country in November.
- I need to basically finish my dissertation before August 1st when I take over my bosses job and go full time.
- I hope I can do my bosses job really well.
- Poverty
- Student Loans.

I'm such a happy gal! Not at all a Debby Downer! Right?

What a talented guy covering such a hallmark of my youth!

via BWE

Sweden, hotbed of talent

OBSESSED with this song. Thanks again to Sara for sharing it with me. The music video/song is basically my life. And Robyn's dancing talents look roughly akin to mine. She also does a lot of creeping and staring in the video, another similarity to me. This will be my new theme song for when I go out and feel like an undesirable social reject... FUN TIMES~!!!!

This list of Hottest World Cup athletes is a LIE!!! It's missing God's gift to female/gay/male viewers...
aka Mah Boyfriend Diego Forlan