Friday, 4 December 2009

An interview with one of my favorite people in the entire world Michael K. I wish we were friends! A post soon (maybe) about my non stop adventurous day.

Things I've learned

I love me a good jacket potato for dinner (with beans, peas and cheese mm) but I've always microwaved my potato because it takes 8 minutes versus the hour it takes in the oven. I have been so wrong. Yesterday I put my potato in the over approximately an hour before I though I would be hungry and my potato was so so so much more delicious than if I had cooked it the "easy" way. Also apparently, cooking it in the microwave takes away a lot of the nutrients in a potato. So, not only are oven baked potatoes more delicious, they're healthier too! But then again, an hour is a long time. Yumo. And yes, my life is SO exciting that a delicious baked potato counts as one of the highlights of my day (reason I am single 11).
James Franco on how his appearance on General Hospital is Performance Art. I wonder what the producers of GH thought when Franco asked to appear on the show. It's so absurd to think about, but I guess if he's doing it for arts sake...