Monday, 23 November 2009


I will be more productive. I just can't read any more the of the articles for IO. Too too dense. I also need to seriously step up my work on my Peace and Security essay. Argh. Deadlines approaching! If only tomorrow wasn't going to be such a busy day.

Photo From my Archives

Washington, DC. 20th January 2009. Washington monument on the morning of Obama's inauguration.


"Roll Model?" Seriously?!?! Megan Mccain tweeted this link and I agree with her, Gemma is as gorgeous now as she was when she was super thin. Stuff like this really pisses me off. No wonder being called "fat" is one of the worst things a woman can be called. When fat is generally anything above a size four. Ugh. When I have children (especially daughters) I'm going to slam self esteem into them from the moment they're born. Hopefully it'll work.

This Blog is Slowly becoming "This is Why I Hate Twilight"

India Knight tweeted an amazing breakdown of Twilight's appeal. It really breaks down the reasons for its popularity. By the by, I think my hatred for Twilight is the 9th reason I am single. I hate Twilight so much because I'm too bitter and disillusioned by romance, especially by teenage romance. Vomit.

In other news, I had about eight Liz Lemon moments whilst consuming my stir fry tonight. Aka I almost chocked literally eight times and had no one to give me a pat on the back.

It's not even three yet

This is what it looks like outside my window. I don't know how well the photo captured it, but it's dark and really really windy. So, it looks like I won't be leaving my room for the rest of the day. So yes, I will be skipping the worst lecture ever and doing readings. Therefore, I will actually learn more in those two gained hours. Hurrah. I'm a rebel.

I hate the Twilight craze

" As an Us Weekly writer, it pains me that they're mentioned in the same "should we put them on the cover?" breath as La Brangelina and La TomKat. They don't even have a cute nickname, for crying out loud! "

A tabloid writer's eloquent article on why she hates Twilight. Stephanie Meyer is never getting any of my precious, dwindling supply of money!!!

Link of the Mornin'

Angry Gawker post about how London sucks in response to a Sunday Times article about how New York sucks. To be fair, I like British food a lot (I know, I'm weird) and I like that things close early, so I can be in my warm bed early. Also, London's random street design is pretty charming. But, I guess London deserved it by trashing New York. I would never trash New York because angry New Yorkers are scary.